Welcome to Thriving AnyTime AnyWhere

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Welcome to Thriving AnyTime AnyWhere

Isn’t it about time you enjoyed life fully, no regrets bogging you down?

I always shudder a bit inside when I ask how someone is doing and their response is something like “oh, I’m getting by”, or even worse – “I’m surviving”.  Because just surviving isn’t good enough.  After all, what’s the point of merely surveying so you can make it to your death?

This is the first of what will become many posts on this site, a division of my company, Quest’Ar Pathways, that will be dedicated to helping people find out how they can move beyond merely surviving to actually thriving!   . I will be writing about the challenges to leading a thriving lifestyle and what you can do to enhance your ability to thrive, every day in every way.  The tips and techniques I will be providing are based on my experiences and I’ll tell you what worked for me, and what didn’t.

As I too am faced with combining work, family, friends, ‘me time’ and life in general the postings may be irregular, but I’m not going to stress about it – life’s way to short to make my self feel bad about something that in the grand scheme of things won’t cause the end of the world.  So check back periodically to see what pops up, and if there’s a specific issue you’ve been grappling with and would like some suggestions as how others might have handled it, use the “Contact Form” you’ll find on each page to get in touch, or click on the “Tungle.me” link to schedule a short conversation.  It’s alright – I don’t bite and as I’m not a lawyer every conversation is not part of a billable hour!

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