Start the Year Off Right

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Start the Year Off Right

Well Jan. 1st has come and gone. Did you make a New Years Resolution or 2? And if you did, how are you doing on keeping them?

We’re now half way through the first month of a whole new year and if you haven’t taken some time out to reflect on where you’re going and what you want to accomplish this year, it may be difficult to achieve the success you want.

I believe that life should be a joyous adventure, however to achieve such a life you must take a pro-active approach. You can’t expect to THRIVE if you just move through your days getting things done but never actively working to increase your personal thrive-ability.


An issue that comes up fairly frequently with coaching clients is their lack of clarity on what it is they really want.  When I ask them to describe what their life would look like if they were thriving I often receive either a blank stare (if in person), or am met by dead silence over the phone, it’s as if the concept of actually thriving is totally foreign to them.  It’s amazing how difficult so many people find this simple question,  Yet when I think back to when I was in research I realize it really shouldn’t surprise me – because at that point in my life I’d have been hard pressed to come up with an answer myself!  And I think it may be because we get so caught up in ‘doing’ things that we lose track of who we are and who we want to ‘be’.

I mean I know I had many of the pieces of the puzzle, after all I knew what I wanted to accomplish in my career, I knew what I wanted with regards to my family and free time, and I knew what I loved to do and what really got me excited and motivated to accomplish things.  And I knew what I valued and where the ‘line in the sand’ was when it came to what I would and wouldn’t do.   But I was so  busy ‘doing’ I never took time to step back and see how I could fit all the pieces together to create a lifestyle that really supported me in thriving.

So when I realized that my work was actually wearing me down little by little and I was starting to accept what previously would have  been totally unthinkable, I started to devote a portion of my time to reflecting on what I wanted more of in my life and what I wanted less of in my life.  And I discovered that somewhere along the line I had not only laid aside my ‘big dreams’, but I had lost the ability to dream big dreams!  I had lost  the spark, the excitement that keeps those big dreams alive and I was accepting other people’s vision for me, their story line for my life.  Boy did that result in a wake up call for action!

After that realization I became a serious student of what it would take to take to get back in charge of creating a life I truly wanted to live.  I spent a lot of time and money studying the self-leadership and success literature and found some things that worked for me and some things that definitely didn’t work.  And I also found that some things – like personal growth and self-leadership – are best accomplished with outside help!  I have to admit that even after I completed several coach training programs and was coaching others I still made more progress faster with the help of a coach!  And along the way my self-awareness and understanding of what I truly needed in my life became clearer and more sharply focused.  And it wasn’t until I started to gain that clarity that I began to free myself of all the baggage that I had accumulated and that was limiting my ability to dream big dreams and lead a truly joyful, fulfilling life that I love.

So if you’re not totally happy with your life and where you are, take some time each day, or each week at first, to gain a better understanding of who you really are, what you value and what’s deeply important to you, what gives you joy, what energizes your days, what drags you down, what lifts you up and what you’d love to spend your time doing more than anything else.  Rediscover the ability to dream big dreams – I’m sure you had it as a child even if life has pushed it way in the background.  To start you off, why not send for your own “Thrive-Ability Starter Kit” and make use of the  information and worksheets it provides you with.  And if you feel overwhelmed at the thought, or aren’t seeing the progress you’d like, you can always do what I did – and still do – hire a coach!



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