More Than Just Success

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More Than Just Success

Everybody talks about how they want to ‘be successful’ but when I ask them to tell me what that looks like they tend to paint a very lop-sided picture.  They go into great detail about how they define and/or see success with respect to their career and financial situation but  spend little time on the other areas of their life – such as family, friends, recreational activities, health and fitness, social life, spirituality and community involvement.  Often it is only after I start asking questions about ‘what else’ they would have in their life that a sketchy outline is created for these other areas.

So I now distinguish between mere success and thriving.  Because to me thriving is so much more than just having a successful career and financial.  Too often concentrating on these two areas results in unhappiness and burn-out.  To understand the distinctions I make between mere success and thriving, check out my latest article, “Are You Thriving or Merely Successful?“.

And if you’d like some help in identifying what thriving looks like for you I’d be happy to help – check out my “Thrive-Ability Enhancement Offer“.

Until the next time, thrive-on!



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