Let’s Smile More!

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Let’s Smile More!

There was an interesting picture posted on  my Facebook page to-day by ‘Garden of Quotes’.  If you’re on Facebook check them out, they seem to always come up with some very interesting quotes and I felt that this one definitely bears commenting on.  Here it is:



In case it isn’t clear enough to read what it says is: “Smiling makes you feel better about yourself, even if you don’t feel like it.  And it always makes other people think  better of you.”.

It reminded me of something that happened several of years ago when I learned how important a smile can be to someone else and how you can lift a person’s spirits and help them feel better without even knowing  you’re doing it.  I discovered this when I happened to bump into someone I had worked with a number of years previously.  She and I had both worked in a division that was going through some very stressful times.  What had once been one of the most envied groups to be a part of had turned into a toxic workplace with the advent of a new boss who wanted to micro-manage every aspect of everyone’s work, whether he understood it or not.  It was amazing how quickly one person could totally destroy a fantastic highly productive work environment!

She wanted to let me know how much she appreciated the fact I always greeted her with a smile whenever our paths crossed.  In fact she confessed that she used to make up excuses to come up to the second floor just so she could get a smile to make her feel better.  She said that knowing what I was going through and still able to greet her with a smile gave her hope that she too could carry on and make it through the day.

To say that her comments took me totally by surprise was an understatement.  A smile is such a simple thing and so easily passed on to others.  Smiling at others when passing them in the hall was just something I had always done without giving it much thought.  Her comments changed that though and now I make sure that I don’t forget to smile at others when passing by them.  Who knows the impact it may have?

So why not join me in smiling at those we meet and pass by each day?  Who knows how much you might make someone’s day a little – or a lot – brighter!  And not only that, brightening up your own day and that of others is a good practice to enhance your own thrive-ability!

Until the next time :-)

Karen Switzer-Howse

Canada’s Premier Thrive Synergy Strategist

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