Let’s Celebrate Spring!

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Let’s Celebrate Spring!

I love spring.  There’s something so vital and refreshing about the emergence of new growth after the winter months that just can’t help but put a smile on your face.  I love the smell of spring – it reminds me there’s always a new beginning just waiting to be enjoyed.  And I enjoy going on walks to see when I can spot the first wildflowers  blooming in the fence rows.

There’s a growing body of research that supports the idea that expressing gratitude, appreciation and/or celebration can lift your spirits and make you happier and I would have to agree whole-heartedly with their findings.  It’s hard to stay down in the dumps and unhappy when you’re appreciating the delicate bloom of a wildflower, or enjoying the feel of the increasing warmth of the sun on your face as you stroll along  fence row. Which is why I’m always s surprised by people who seem to get a perverse kick out of going over and over how awful things are and feeling bad about it.  Whether they realize it or not they are actually making themselves feel worse by dwelling on the negative.  Bad things happen – awful things can happen to anybody.  But why make matters worse by doing things that will only make you feel worse than you probably already do?

Even when things seem at their bleakest there is usually something you can be grateful for, after all you’re still alive so you have an opportunity to make things better.

So come on, for those of us in the northern hemisphere let’s celebrate the return of spring and the beginning of a new life cycle. Be thankful for new life and new beginnings –  after all research now tells us it’s good for us and will help increase our happiness level, and who doesn’t want to be happy?  And it will definitely enhance your ability to THRIVE.


Until next time, keep thriving :-)

Karen Switzer-Howse

Canada’s Premier Thrive Synergy Strategist


©2012 Karen Switzer-Howse

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