ThriveSynergy – Have You Got It?

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ThriveSynergy – Have You Got It?

How well are you leveraging your unique combination of your strengths, your knowledge, your expertise, your experience, your values and your passions so that you can truly Thrive?


someone who THRIVES, who is comfortable with who they are and what they are doing with their life.  They are flourishing, living life fully, with no regrets.

Thrivers are…

contributing to something that they believe in, a purpose that gives meaning to their life.  They understand what they need to be happy and what their strengths are, as well as how to use them to leverage more of what they want in their life while making their limitations irrelevant. While they may experience stressful events, like all of us, they are in control of their responses and don’t let the stress get them down.

Thrivers see their lives as full and rewarding, with friends, family and work
integrated into a smoothly flowing dynamic equilibrium that leaves them feeling fulfilled and 

How close is your life to this picture?  Or are you too often over-whelmed with the daily onslaught of too many things to do and not enough time to do them in?  Are frustration, disappointment, disconnection and stress too prominent in your life?  Do you feel as if there’s no point to it all anymore, you’ll never get any farther anyway?  If so maybe you should ….

Consider the concept of  Synergy…


Synergy, as defined in the dictionary, is ‘the coming together and interaction of two or more agents, forces, groups or parts, so that the resulting combination  produces an effect greater than expected from the sum of the individual effects’.

You can enhance your ability to thrive and live life more fully once you understand how to capitalize on your own unique strengths, passions and experiences and create your own personal and professional synergy!

At ThriveSynergy we believe that life should be a joyous adventure, and while ‘joyous adventure’ may not be remotely connected to your current situation, have you ever taken time to define what kind of life do you really want to live?  Remember, it’s awful hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where it is!   Maybe it’s time to step off of the spinning ‘merry-go-round’ of busyness for a bit and discover your answer to this question, because only you can answer it, only you can define a life that’s really worth living for you.  And don’t worry if you don’t immediately have an answer, you’re not alone.

I’ve worked with busy executives, organizational leaders and leaders without titles who all really wanted to make better, more valued decisions so that they could take charge of their lives, stop second guessing themselves and create a future life that they wouldn’t regret having lived.  In-spite of any outward appearances of success they appeared to have they knew that something was missing.  Working together we slowly uncovered what they needed to have in their lives to feel more alive and THRIVING.

They learned that to truly THRIVE they needed…

  • greater clarity about what’s really important;
  • more confidence in their ability to make things happen;
  • more connection to themselves, others and their greater purpose;
  • more valued direction to their life;
  • more passion in and greater energy from their daily activities, AND
  • way more FUN and FREEDOM in their lives !

Bottom Line?

Once they were able to combine all of the above in a manner that created and melded together personal and professional synergy they were able to enhance their ability to THRIVE and found themselves  ..

  • making better decisions without second guessing themselves;
  • handling chaos and change calmly with confidence and with ease;
  • understanding the hidden logic behind seemingly emotional decisions;
  • never being caught off guard or blindsided in meetings by emotional outbursts from others;
  • easily handling their many competing commitments without feeling they were neglecting anything important;
  • paying more attention to their own personal needs;
  • enjoying a happier, more relaxed and satisfying home and personal life;
  • eliminating the frustration and stress they used to experience working with others;
  • becoming the ‘go-to’ person for creating highly effective workplace environments;
  • becoming known as a leader who gets results, even without a title;
  • achieving greater recognition in their chosen field, both because of their subject expertise and their people skills;
  • bringing together the people needed and creating productive teams and/or collaborations for greater success;
  • getting the promotions they wanted and handling greater responsibility with confidence and ease, AND
  • getting way more money, time, fulfillment and personal satisfaction than they ever imagined possible!

What they discovered is that people who THRIVE are able to advance their projects, their career, their company, their life – whatever they want, in a synergistically fulfilling way to achieve greater all-round success with way less stress.

And anybody can do this, even in the current turbulent times we’re living in.  In fact it’s even more important now than in the past to actively get involved in creating the live you truly want, the life you deep down know you need to fell satisfied and fulfilled.  And don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all alone, I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you, along with the shortcuts I’ve discovered and created on my own path to enhanced THRIVE-ABILTY.   If this is something that interests you or sparks your curiosity, please get in touch with me to explore how we might connect to further you on your road to living life more fully, without regrets!

So, until next time, keep on THRIVING :-)

Karen Switzer-Howse

Canada’s Premier Thrive Synergy Strategist

©2012 Karen Switzer-Howse

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