“ThriveSynergy” was created by Karen Switzer-Howse and is a division of Quest’Ar Pathways, a coaching, consultation and facilitation organization.  It’s purpose id to provide a point of contact for people who realize that just surviving isn’t good enough any longer, they want to thrive!

“ThriveSynergy” is able to draw upon professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences who come together as required to provide people with a smorgasbord of processes, tools and methods to help them live life more fully, with no regrets.  We work with hard driving, successful people who are often under extreme stress, somewhat overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the results they’re getting – they may not be sure what’s missing, however they want something more – they want to make a positive difference.

I believe in using the latest in brain research, human developmental theories and practices to provide cutting edge programs and developmental activities for people who have taken all the courses and read all the books, but still aren’t getting the results they expected or want, whether in their own lives or in their role as leaders.

Working with us you’ll get more clarity on what’s really important, more connected to yourself, others and your purpose, more focus, more confidence, more passion and way more fun and freedom!  You’ll stop feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed and start feeling more in control and confident of your decisions.

At ThriveSynergy” I practice what I preach.  I am continually adding new ways to enhance my thrive-ability and i use what i learn to help others.  When necessary, I bring Associates onside who can add in-depth knowledge and expertise in their own area of expertise, but it is in the combination and connections among us that the true power of synergistic reactions really shines.  When we bring together associates with a broad range of experiences and backgrounds, the resulting connections create synergy that leverages greater levels of competence not only among ourselves but for our clients, who reap the benefits of having a diverse team available to support them in their journey to ever greater achievements.


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