You know as well as I do that everyone is unique and the challenges you face working in to-day’s fast-paced diverse environment are increasingly stressful.  As well, everyone is at a different stage of development in their ability to cope.  That is why I offer my services in a variety of formats and levels in addition to the Thrivability Programs.  As you move down the page, the commitment required from you increases.  So if you’re interested in improving your ability to get the results you really want from others, find a level of involvement that matches where you are currently in your leadership development journey and contact Karen.

  • Edu-Breaks

Short, information packed sessions over a lunch break
that will begin to open new perspectives and help
scientific and technical people become more effective
when working with others.

Some popular topics include:
• What Drives People Crazy – And How To Put On The Brakes
• Coaching Personal and Professional Resilience
• How To Be In Your Element – Anywhere, Anytime
• Finding Common Ground –  Working Better Together
• Leadership Is An Inside Job – And You Hold The Key

      • Workshops
        Each of the above topics can be prevented in a
        longer more intensive workshop format designed to
        address your unique circumstances.  Additional
        topics which might be of interest include stress
        management, personal and professional resilience,
        building collaborative relationships, managing
        business relationships and leadership communication.

Karen is also licensed to facilitate the following Workshops in a variety of formats and lengths:

1. Path Elements Profile™: Igniting Teams.   Increasing Results
2. How Much Joy Can You Stand
3. Living Your Joy

To discuss bringing either an Edu-Break or a workshop presentation to your organization, please contact Karen Switzer-Howse for more information.

      • Assessments

To develop your unique leadership abilities you need to understand what drives you and how you operate in the world – not only how you think you operate, but how you appear to others.  Assessments can provide valuable insights into who you are and how you operate, giving you an arms length view of
yourself and new perspectives that can be invaluable in helping you  understand and communicate more
effectively with others.

Some of our Assessments can be taken as a stand-alone service and you will receive a report outlining the findings.  To increase the benefit of the assessment, Karen provides you with an opportunity to either purchase it as part of a package which includes a de-briefing session and additional coaching in how to use the findings, or purchase this additional help at the same special price within thirty days of the original assessment.

Please refer to the Assessment page for additional information on the individual assessments and the options available. Please be aware that an Assessment is only a snap-shot in time, you are not the Assessment result – it merely provides you with additional information that can provide additional perspectives should you choose to use it.

To explore how you and your organization might benefit from using assessments,
please contact Karen Switzer-Howse.

      • The REACH© Corporate Program

This program was developed for people working in
high-pressure multi-disciplinary environments where
interpersonal issues can result in discord and even
eventually undermine the successful outcome of

Your organization may have exceptionally talented
people that have dedicated themselves to being the
best in their chosen field, however how confident
are you that this education and training has
prepared them to step into leadership roles in
to-day’s increasingly complex world?  Our REACH
Program will provide them with all the tools and
support they need to leverage their knowledge,
skills and abilities to reach their true level of
success and THRIVE both personally and

The REACH Program consists of 9 week Modules divided
into three themes, REACH IN, REACH OUT, and REACH
BEYOND.  Depending on your organization’s
challenges and needs, you can chose to concentrate
on one theme, or work through all three.
Call Karen to explore how these programs can add value to your organization.

      • Top Gun” Leadership Development

Karen works with a limited number of leaders who
either want intensive, project specific support, or
need support while they develop new skill-sets for a
new or expanding leadership role.
Contact Karen to discuss your individual situation and
explore how she might be able to help THRIVE, both personally and professionally.


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