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If you are a science-based professional or technical expert who has experienced set-backs in your career, or found your advancement in your field stalled because of a perceived lack of the “soft-skills”, or maybe now find yourself facing one of these challenges:

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  • you are out-standing in your field and have a brilliant  track record of personal successes, however since stepping into a leadership role where your success depends on the performance of others, you find yourself having difficulty delivering the required results
  • others have said that you are difficult to work with and your ‘soft skills’ need improvement and you think that may be why you have been passed over for important assignments
  • you have difficulty in getting buy-in from others and support for your ideas
  • you love your job – if only you didn’t have to deal with all the ‘people issues’ that are taking so much of your time



  • … then…


We should talk!


If you are frustrated by any of these issues, then I’d like to help.  As a scientist myself, I not only understand your frustration, I know how to eliminate your ‘people problems’ without having to eliminate the people!

I’ve combined my experience and research into how to deal with these issues and created a special one-on-one “Finding Your Edge for Success Breakthrough Session” specifically designed for science based professionals and technical experts.


During this session, we will…

  • Create a crystal clear vision of  the results you want to produce and how you want your interactions with others to unfold
  • Uncover any hidden challenges and potential blind spots that may be sub-optimizing your success in your  leadership role
  • Create a clear concise road-map designed to guide you on how to use your unique talents in dealing with others so you can take your expertise further and receive the recognition and success you deserve.


Bottom- line, even if you thought there was no-way you could ever be good dealing with “people issues”,  you will leave the session with new optimism – renewed, re-energized and inspired to create a powerful results driven environment that will maximize your potential to not only achieve your professionals goals and become the go-to person to get results, but also allow you to enjoy a flourishing personal life.


To take part in your special ‘Strategic Breakthrough Session’, simply “click” on the “Buy Now” button below. Once you completed your purchase you will be taken to a page with a series of questions. Please answer the questions on that page to help me tailor the session even more to quickly address your challenges (NB: please complete all fields marked as required). Once we’ve secured a time-slot for your session and I have your answers to the questions we can proceed with “Your Strategic Edge for Success Breakthrough Session”.


Your Strategic Edge for Success Breakthrough Session


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