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Your Private 1-on-1

“Finding Your Thrive-Ability Enhancement Factors

Breakthrough Session”

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$127.00 (Actual Session Value = $245.00)


If you are no longer satisfied with your current state of affairs or have experienced set-backs in your career but aren’t sure why, or are grappling with how to excel in your career and still have a life you love, or maybe now find yourself facing one of the following challenges…


  • you are out-standing in your field and have a brilliant track record of personal successes, however public recognition has been scarce to non-existent
  • you want to advance in your career yet you have been repeatedly passed over for important assignments
  • you have difficulty in getting buy-in from others and support for your ideas, sometimes it’s like you’re invisible
  • you love your job – if only you didn’t always feel you were short-changing the rest of your life. then

We should talk!

If you are frustrated by any of these issues, then I’d like to help. As someone who grappled with melding a fulfilling career in environmental research and development with raising a family of four and helping my husband on the farm when I could, I not only understand your frustration and sense of over-whelm, but I also know how hard it is to find some “ME-time’ to take care of yourself and ensure you don’t get lost in the fray!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my “in the trenches” experience and combined it with research into how to effectively deal with these issues to create a special one-on-one “Finding Your Thrive-Ability Enhancement Factors Breakthrough Session” . It was specifically designed for people just like you and I, professionals and technical experts who love our work yet yearn for a life we can live fully, with no regrets.

During this session, we will…

  • Create a crystal clear vision of the results you want to produce and how you want your future life to unfold
  • Uncover any hidden challenges and potential blind spots that may be sub-optimizing your ability to thrive every day in every way
  • Create a clear concise road-map designed to guide you on how to bring together your unique talents, passions and experience so you can create the synergy that leads to a truly thriving life style and the success you deserve in all areas.

Bottom- line, even if you thought there was no-way you could ever “THRIVE – living life fully with no regrets“, you will leave the session with new optimism – renewed, re-energized and inspired to create a powerful results driven environment that will maximize your potential to not only achieve your professionals goals but also allow you to enjoy a flourishing personal life.

To claim this ‘Strategic Breakthrough Session’ at the special reduced year end investment, simply click on the button below.


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