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Thank-you for your interest in thriving and requesting a Thrive-Ability Kit.

If you know that you’d love to have a thriving lifestyle, but just don’t know where to begin, the six simple steps of the   “Thrive-Ability Kit” are a perfect ‘first steps’ approach for you. It’ll help you think about what thriving means to you and what you need to increase your ability to thrive, living fully, confidently, without regrets.


Step I – Thrive-Ability Audit:


Begin by going over the following “Thrive-Ability Audit”. It will help you identify areas where you can take actions to enhance your ability to thrive.


Thrive-Ability Audit


Please check each of the following statements that apply to you.


I would have a more thriving life if I had…

  1. A clearer picture of what’s really important to me.

  2. A better understanding of what it is that I want more of in my life.

  3. Knowledge of what it is that drives me, keeps me going through thick and thin.

    4. A defining purpose for my life.

    5. More awareness of how others see me.

□  6. A better process to help me make the right choice for me.

□  7. The ability to ‘read’ people’s actions and reactions  better.

□  8. The ability to flex and treat people how they want to be treated.

  9. A way of overcoming my fear of presenting to people not like me.

□  10. Knowledge of how to bring out the best in others.

□  11. A way to improve my ability to listen to understand.

□  12. A way to improve my effectiveness when working with and through others.

□  13. Knowledge of how to develop more confidence in myself.

□  14. The ability to connect and build trust with others.

□  15. A way to put what I know into action.

□  16. The ability to recognize what’s stressing me in the moment and identify what I could do about it.

□  17. Knowledge of techniques to manage my response to stress better.

□  18. A way to achieve a balance between head and heart, logic and emotion.

□  19. The ability to create productive alliances and collaborations with others.

□  21. Ways of responding more effectively to difficult people.

□  22. Techniques for taking charge and reducing my sense of over-whelm.

□  23. A better ability to give and receive feedback.

□  24. A way to make a meaningful contribution.

□  25. A better understanding of how to manage my own energy.

□  26. A way to develop a strategy for reducing my frustrations of working with others.

□  27. A technique or process to help me uncover my own blind spots.

□  28. A way to develop the courage of my convictions.

□  29. The ability to handle myself with confidence and ease in any situation.

□  30. Who I am aligned with what I do.

©2004-2012 Karen Switzer-Howse


If you have any questions about this Audit or would like to discuss the results, please contact me by email or phone. If you would like to inquire about programs that will support you in getting what you need so that you can thrive both as a leader and in your life, my contact information is here.


Step  2 – Your Energy Profile:



Now that you have an idea of areas where your ability to THRIVE could be enhanced by taking action your next step is to identify your personal “Energy Profile”.  This is a graphical representation of your energy levels during the day and for each day of the week.  Doing this exercise will help you become more aware of your own energy patterns on both a daily basis and weekly.  Once you’ve identified your patterns you will be able to explore ways you can reduce those things that drain you of energy and add in activities that raise your energy levels.

Download “Your Energy Profile” worksheet now.

Step 3 – Your Energy Drains:


At the bottom of the worksheet you used to identify your own “Energy Profile” there were a few suggestions of things that could either drain your energy or help you increase it.  That was just a start – now it’s time to get down to specifics.

Carefully review those times that leave you feeling drained, whether it’s something someone said, or an activity leaves you feeling tired and drained.  After all, you can’t do anything about something that you’re not aware of.  To help you create your list please download the worksheet “Energy Drains


Step 4 – Your Joy Breaks and Energy Gains:


Once you know what depletes your energy you’re ready to do something about it.  You have two choices – you can either eliminate or reduce the time you spend doing things that leave you feeling depleted, or you can add things into your day that help raise your energy level.


Now one complaint I often hear when I suggest this concept to someone is that they don’t have time for a vacation or to take a day off.  However you don’t need a lot of time to raise your energy level – you can do it in just 5 minutes if you understand what makes you feel better and more energized.


To help you identify such activities that will work in your life, please download the worksheet “Energy Gainers from Personal Joy Breaks


And if you’re stuck on what sort of things might raise you energy levels, take a look at young children – they seem to act like they’ve found the source of perpetual motion!  To help you see what helps them be this way please read the “Characteristics of Childhood“, it’ll give you a new perspective on how to view the world around you.


Step 5 – How to Become Your Own  Best “Head Coach”:


Now that you have a better understanding of how to keep yourself from feeling run-down and tired during your day it’s time to start enhancing your ability to coach yourself to a successfully thriving life!


We often are our own worse coaches because we are harder on ourselves than we are on others.  We ‘rain on our parade” before it even gets started!  This tendency to see the negative side is often a bigger problem for women than men.  We women are tough critics and often expect way too  much of ourselves – we try to Superwoman and Wonder-Woman all in one, and then berate ourselves when we are anything less than perfect in our own eyes.


To help you take a more realistic approach and become a better “Head Coach” for yourself please download the worksheet “Don’t Rain on My Parade – OR… The Art of Mastering Our Inner “Coaches” to Become Our Own Best “Head Coach“.


The table provided in the worksheet will help you stop the negative “head” talk before it can stop you and if you follow through on using it, eventually you’ll find you hear that negative inner voice less and less.


Step 6 – Appreciating Your Uniqueness:



In working with clients I’ve often observed that a  major factor in people’s difficulties  in achieving results when working with and through others are the assumptions they make about the people around them and the expectations they have based on these often false assumptions.


And the assumptions are quite often false simply because of our own uniqueness – which when combined with our blind-spots regarding the fact most of the rest of the world isn’t at all like us results in many of the dysfunctional workplace relationships seen on teams.


The fact-sheet “Uniquely You” will provide you with a brief synopsis of some of the major ways we can differ from each other.  As you go over these characteristics and think about the people you work and interact with on a daily basis it will become easy to see that if we persist in expecting people to respond the way we would in a given situation it is no wonder that we are most likely to be disappointed.


The advantages of becoming aware of why you do what you do are that such knowledge opens the door to other perspectives and that in turn  allows you to  be more flexible in your response.  It is this flexibility in your ‘response-ability’ that will enable you to excel in your interactions with others.




I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of your journey to a more thriving lifestyle and have picked up some useful tools and techniques to continue along your new path.


If you have completed all the exercises and used the worksheets you will be well on your way towards a more thriving lifestyle.  If you are a self-starter and very good at self-management and self-leadership you will be able to accomplish much.  however I don’t want to leave you hanging.


If you are unsure of the best way to pull it all together and proceed I’d like to help you maintain the momentum.  Please check out the special offer I’ve put together that will help you in creating your next steps forward without the need for a major investment in time or money.  You’ll find it here, “Special STEM Offer“.


And if you know you’re ready to take major action to create your thriving lifestyle, consider either the one day V.I.P. Private Consultation for an intensive ‘quick-start’ beginning, or  the “ThriveSynergy” 6 month 1-on-1 coaching engagement.



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