Thriving Is A Choice….

How well are you leveraging your
strengths so that you can truly Thrive?

THRIVER:  someone who thrives, who is comfortable
with who they are and what they are doing with their life.  They are
living life fully, with no regrets.

are contributing to something that they believe in, a purpose that gives meaning to
their life.  They understand what they need to be happy and what
their strengths are, as well as how to use them to leverage more of what
they want in their life while making their limitations irrelevant.
While they may experience stressful events, like all of us, they are in
control of their responses and don’t let the stress get them down.  They see their lives as full and rewarding, with friends, family and work
integrated into a smoothly flowing dynamic equilibrium that makes them

How close is your life to this picture?  Or are you too often
over-whelmed with the daily onslaught of too many things to do and not
enough time to do them in?  Are frustration, disappointment,
disconnection and stress too prominent in your life?

as defined in the
dictionary is ‘the coming together and
interaction of two or more agents, forces, groups or parts,  so that
the resulting combination  produces an effect greater than expected
from the sum of the individual effects’.

You can enhance your ability to thrive and live life more fully once
you understand how to capitalize on your own unique strengths and
create your own personal and professional synergy!

We at ThriveSynergy believe that life should be a joyous adventure, and
while ‘joyous adventure’ may not be remotely connected to your current
situation, what kind of life do you really want to live?

We work with busy executives and organizational leaders who really want
to make better decisions so that they can take charge of their lives and
create a future life that they won’t regret having lived.

Working with us will result in…

  • greater clarity about what’s really important;
  • more confidence;
  • more connection;
  • more direction;
  • more passion, and
  • way more FUN and FREEDOM !

Bottom Line?

As a result of all of the above, you will ..

  • make decisions without second guessing yourself;
  • handle chaos and change calmly and with ease;
  • understand the hidden logic behind seemingly emotional decisions;
  • never be caught off guard or blindsided in meetings by emotional
    outbursts from others;
  • eliminate the frustration and stress you used to experience working
    with others;
  • become the go to person for creating highly effective workplace
  • become known as a leader who gets results;
  • achieve greater recognition in your chosen field, both because of
    your subject expertise and your people skills
  • bring together the people needed and create productive teams and
    collaborations for greater success;
  • get the promotions you want and handle greater responsibility with
  • AND get way more money, time and personal satisfaction than you
    ever thought imaginable!


You will be able to advance your project, your career, your company,
your life – whichever you want, achieving greater success with way less

If this is something that interests you or sparks your curiosity,
please contact us to explore how we might
connect to further you on your road to living life more fully, without

:: Top Ten Attributes of Thrivers..
10.  Thrivers know what they need in their
life to make them happy.9.  Thrivers know what gives them
energy and how to tap into it at will.

8.  Thrivers know what de-energizes them and how to minimize
the effect.

7.  Thrivers take time to re-charge their own batteries when

6.  Thrivers know when to ask for help.

5.  Thrivers know how to take control of their actions so
they can take charge of their life and handle whatever comes their
way with confidence and ease.

4.  Thrivers view the world with child-like appreciation for
all the wonders they see.

3.  Thrivers know that all work and no play is bad for their
health, so they build fun activities into their life.

2.  Thrivers are comfortable and at ease with who they are.

1.  And finally… they know and are involved in something
that gives deep meaning to their life!

So…. what’s
holding you back from a more thriving life?

Don’t wait till it’s almost over to start really living – contact
us now to discover how you can lead a more fulfilling life …


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